The Beginning

Endings are hard. But, in some ways, beginnings are even harder.

I’ve had this blog for a while. As I began to wrap up my master’s, I thought about my situation: I love food, both academically and practically (of course). And I travel. And, I like to write. So, as graduation came and went, and as I began to find a way to start my new career, I thought about a blog.

But oh, where to start! What to write! I’m beginning a new chapter of my life–finally, at age 28, 29– of doing what I want to do, truly, and of doing it well. Sure, a blog doesn’t really matter–the me of 2 years ago might have just dived right in. But a blog can quickly become a repository of rambling (you can already see I have a knack for rambling, here). And then it starts to fizzle. I want to do it right. There has to be a point to it. A focus. Direction. It’s what I need; it’s what this will have.

I thought about it–writing a blog. A lot. I’ve spent many a commute to my job–a job which I am good at, and am which advancing in, but will eventually leave for my passion–thinking hard about this. And here is what I have decided: I will write a blog, balanced between my eating exploits both abroad and at home (because, I’m becoming quite the chef/baker, you know) and musings on things I care deeply about: child nutrition, women in agriculture, urban farming, food security, eating well, international development, the environment …. a lot of things. And all along the way, I’ll be on my way to a career that resembles it all.

So here we are: on our way to Japan, at the SFO United Club, about to board our flight to Tokyo. And if course, we are eating our way through snacks, upon snacks, upon snacks. How gourmet.



2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. This blog is gonna be sophisticated! The good news is I listened to your flight take off in SFO, then watched it as it landed at NRT (on a flight tracker that is). Enjoy your trip!

  2. Food, Food and more Food! Gee whiz! What a variety and yet similarities to some Western cuisine. Presentation spot on and photos do the dishes well. What do servers say about your inquisitive nature of their dishes? I would like to see a photo of a big fat juicy burger and no warm Saki! Have a wonderful trip….we want stories!!

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