München, Deutschland [Munich, Germany]

My soul is happy. I’m back in Europe. Sure it’s only an eight-hour layover—Keith and I jumped at the chance of having a few long layovers in Germany when booking our current trip, even though it means we have some awkward red-eye flights and times where we’ll go 36-hours plus without a bed… It’s all for the brats, right?

The Munich Marienplatz

So what do you do when you have six hours in München? Luckily, I’ve been here a few times so I had no burning desire to “see it all.” That being said, we had to prioritize what we did since München is such a great city and we wanted to maximize our time. And in the summer that means only one thing: leafy biergartens.

Beautiful Munich
A radler in the Englischer Garten while watching games of boules

Oh yes. I don’t drink much beer, but in Germany, I’ll gladly order a half litre. Especially under oak trees in the biergartens of the Englischer Garten while several of games of boules are being played. It’s just so relaxing to sit in the shade and leisurely watch the day unfold. There are dozens of families, friends, travelers, loners all doing the same. It’s relaxing and enchanting, because you’re both an observer and a participant at the same time.

Leberkäse mit kartoffelsalat

But what did I have to eat? Traditional Bavarian food, of course. [Bavaria is the region/state where Munich is located.] Which meant shared plates of leberkäse mit kartoffelsalat (liver wurst–literally liver cheese–and potato salad) and schweizer wurstsalat (wurst salad–literally Swiss wurst salad). Both are pretty common to southern/Bavarian cuisine and especially to Munich where meat rules all.

Both dishes were so good, but we could barely make a dent in either. You know when you’re jet lagged and you feel you haven’t showered in a while and you just don’t know what your body is trying to tell you? That’s how I felt, unfortunately, because the Bavarian-style of potato salad is superior to others (it has more vinegar) and I wanted to eat it all.. [Unfortunately, my body did tell me earlier to eat the airplane food and I listened to it. Bad decision.] Regardless, wurstsalat in particular, with its vinegary marinade, raw onions, gherkins, and emmental cheese (the cheese is quite particular to Bavaria) is something I’ll be replicating very soon.

Schweizer wurstsalat, a hearty slice of bread and an Augustiner

Of course I couldn’t leave without a brezel (pretzel). Of course, brezel are found all over the world and Germany, but the Bavarian are a bit thicker than their cousins to the north and were quite possibly invented here. If that’s true: thank you, ancient Bavarian brezel guilds for giving us this super delicious, chewy, beautifully shaped bread. (I love pretzels.)

Love the brezel

That’s it for our little bit of time in Munich. And for as familiar as it was for us, our next stop will be new territory: we’re headed to Cairo!


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