Arles, France

On our way out of Marseille, heading west on our continued adventure across the South of France, we had to stop in Arles. I wish we had had time to stop in so many other places  … there are so many that you could fill a lifetime exploring. It was easy to pick Arles though. It’s beautiful, full of Roman empire monuments, and has a outstanding Saturday market, the biggest one in Provence (we were traveling on Saturday, luckily). We spent a number of hours walking around the market as well as the UNESCO-filled town center, much to our delight. Van Gogh lived in Arles for a little over a year there and had a major artistic breakthrough. Two of his most famous paintings, Bedroom in Arles and Cafe Terrace at Night, was painted there. Arles is apparently also where Van Gogh cut off his ear… so there’s that.

I’ll let the pictures of what we saw in our brief amount of time in Arles speak for themselves mostly. I did have a decent crêpe, and tried some more local fougasse. I unfortunately did not try any saucisson d’Arles, an Arles speciality dried sausage made from pork, beef, and donkey meat. The usual Provençal all star ingredients were plentiful in the market and I couldn’t get over just how much garlic there was. Living in Le Sud is not so bad at all.


Saucissons d’Arles
Provence lavender
Me and my crêpe
Magnificent palette of garlic
Eating some fougasse

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