Barcelona, Espanya [Barcelona, Spain]

I love Barcelona. After our stint in Andorra, instead of taking the bus back up to Toulouse, and then onward to Paris to meet back up with Abby and Szymon, Keith and I took a detour south to Barcelona for a day. Looking back on it, we had so much fun in such a short period of time. Because Barcelona is amazing.

As a lover of architecture, food, the sea, sun, late nights… Barcelona is essentially a perfect place for me. Having spent a little bit of time in Barcelona previously (though it was Keith’s first time in Spain/Barcelona), Keith and I hit a few highnotes: a visit to Park Güell, a walk around the Gothic Quarter, hanging out in Gràcia, and eating late night tapas. Of course we walked past Sagrada Familia, that icon of Barcelona. I still didn’t make it to Montjuïc or the beach (for shame!). Next time.

We did eat quite well (and quite late) at Lolita Taperia in the Sant Antoni neighborhood. We got a spread of both classic Catalan and Spanish tapas (pa amb tomàquet, jamón ibérico, patatas bravas). It was a great choice for the one night we had in BCN! I will be back soon!

Hams and other meats in a stall at La Boqueria
Diners along La Boqueria
Catalunya flag in Plaça Reial
Exterior of Casa Batlló (Gaudí)
Balcony on Casa Milà (Gaudí)
Nativity façade of Sagrada Familia (Gaudí)
Passion façade of Sagrada Familia (Gaudí)
Inside Park Güell (Gaudí)



Clockwise form Top Left (Catalan – Spanish – English): * El Millor de Catalunya – El Mejor de Catalunya – Pork sausage with garlic mayo * L’Amanida de blat de moro – La Ensalada de maíz – Corn salad * El Pernil Ibèric – El Jamon Ibérico – Iberico ham * Pa am Tomàquet – Pan Con Tomate – Bread with Tomato
Clockwise from top-left (Catalan-Spanish-English): * Patates Braves – Patatas Bravas – Spicy fried potatoes * Roast Beef * El Flam d’Ou de la case – El Flan de Huevo casero – Homemade creme caramel * Els Calamars a la romana – Los Calamares a la romana – A la Romana squids served in a paper cone


Keith eating my paleta!
Keith and me at Park Güell
Street side resto in Gràcia neighborhood
Produce al Mercat de la Boqueria
Barcelonès being Barcelonès
Barcelonès being Barcelonès

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